17 Jan

Fair Wind’s Prey

  • mt-book1-200x300-400x250Title: Fair Wind’s Prey
  • Author: Mohammad Tolouei
  • Series: Contemporary Iranian Fiction
  • Genre: Novel
  • Publisher: Ofoq
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Language: Persian
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The title of Fair Wind’s Prey alludes to the myth of Iphigenia whom Agamemnon was commanded to kill as a sacrifice so that gods would let his ships sail to Troy. It accounts the life of Manouchehr Mohtasham, a young man living in Rasht during the Second World War in time of the Allies invasion. Because of his political activities before the Coup Manouchehr has to run away and perforce immigrate to Germany.

Written in the first person point of view, the novel opens up to the experiences of young Manouchehr and his futile affection for the neighbor daughter, and gradually familiarizes the reader with the social background set in fire, bloodshed, and assault.

Years later we find Manouchehr in Leipzig in his middle ages living off the party’s meager pension, yearning for homeland and suffering from what he calls a 40-year’s pain. He thinks that he has kissed risky missions goodbye, but all of a sudden he is offered a new mission by the party and a more hazardous dilemma is just to begin for him.

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