Founded in November 2013, Parsagon attempts to present a vista of the latest achievements of Persian literati and artists/writers of Iranian origin, as well as to serve as an authentic archive of books coming from Iran. The team’s activities are diverse:

  • Translation and localization of Persian literary texts,
  • Editing and consulting services to Persian writers whose work are found apt for translation,
  • Promotion of Persian literature and culture in the English-speaking world,
  • Completion of an online database of contemporary Iranian/Persian literary and cultural figures.

PARSAGON is an Iran-based private and non-partisan literary project. If you are interested in our activities, do not hesitate to contact us.


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Farzaneh Doosti, Ph.D. in English Literature, IAU

Associate Editor(s)

Leili Adibfar, Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, UC

Our thanks goes to ex-assistant editors
  • Safaneh Mohaghegh-Neyshabouri, Ph.D.
  • Azadeh Ghahvie, MA in Indian Studies, UT

Consulting Board

Michael Orthofer (Review & Criticism) [Complete Review][twitter]

Amir Ali Nojoumian, Ph.D. (Theory & Criticism)

Farhad Taheri (Profiles & Iranian Oral History)

Mohammad Tolouei (Genres)

Sadjad Pourghanad (Music & Media) [HarmonyTalk]

Associate Founders (since 2013)

Leili Adibfar, Ph.D.

Mahboube Khalvati, Ph.D.

Safaneh Mohaghegh-Neyshabouri, Ph.D.

Guest Editor(s)

Hossein Nazari, Ph.D. (Senior Editor, vol. 5: 2018)

Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri, Ph.D. (Senior Editor, 2014-2015)

Contributing Translators

  • Oscar Sapper. MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, UO
  • Elham Ahmadi, MA in English Literature, EUD
  • Melika Majlesi, MA in Translation Studies, IAU
  • Shadi Shadman, BA in English Literature, IAU

Logo and Graphic Design

Mehdi Davaei – is an established graphic designer based in Tehran and founder of Play+Pause Studio. He has been the art director of Fardaei Digar Cultural Institute as well as the reputable Hamshahri Magz.

PR & Media

Shahraz Savaji

Index of All Contributors

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