Three Poems by Leila Kordbache

March 8, 2020 0

Born in 1981, Tehran, Leila Kordbache is a published poet and literary researcher. She has over ten published volumes of poetry and monographs on Persian […]


Noofe Speculative Novel Awards

March 15, 2020 0

According to the Awards’ website, Noofe Speculative Novel Awards was founded in Winter 2019 sponsored by Peydayesh Books to promote Persian speculative fiction and support […]


Qeysar Aminpour (1959-2007)

October 31, 2019 0

AKA Kaiser Aminpour Bio Brief Qeysar [aka Kaiser] Aminpour was one of the most outstanding, and perhaps the most popular, Post-revolutionary poets of Iran whose […]




Postscript to Silence

May 3, 2019 0

“This little space gradually grew large and larger until it occupied his whole heart and mind. An all-inclusive mass that, in spite of all his expertise and experience, was unnameable for him.”