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Mohammad Qazvini [1877-1949]

February 16, 2021 0

Qazvini, Mohammad (Tehran, 30th March 1877 – 27th May 1949) [10th Farvardin 1256 – 6th Khordad 1328]. A pioneer in the field of literary and […]


  • Ali Akbar Dehkhoda (1879-1956)

    Today (February 26) coincides with the 60th death anniversary of the great author of the Persian Encyclopedia. Ali Akbar Dehkhoda was born in Tehran, 1879. […]

  • 10 Feb 2015

    1. Khalil Khatib Rahbar Passes Away Aged 92 Dr Khalil Khatib Rahbar was born in 1923 in Kerman and received his doctorate degree in Persian […]

  • Sadeq Hedayat Literary Awards

    Sadeq Hedayat Literary Awards was initiated in 2003 in honor of the 100th birthday of the great writer of The Bind Owl and since then it has been awarded to the Best Persian Short Stories.

  • The Balkh Festival

    Founded by Alhoda International Cultural, Artistic and Publishing Institute, the Balkh Festival tends to expand mutual cultural interests between Iranian and Afghan thinkers and writers by commemorating and awarding outstanding figures and achievements in this regard.

  • Bahman Farzaneh Dies Aged 75

      Veteran translator of works by Gabriel Garcia Marques and other outstanding works passed away a few hours ago in Taleghani Hospital having suffered from […]

  • Sadeq Hedayat [1903-1951]

    BIO BRIEF  Sadeq Hedayat was born in February 17, 1903 and was educated at Dar-ol-Fonoon (1914-1916) and the Lycée Français (French high school) in Tehran. […]

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