Shade of Shahrivar

It’s Shahrivar again, month of honey-sweet grapes and golden melons. For a Middle-Easterner, it’s also a month of uncertain feelings and mellow breezes hesitant between heat and cold. Shahrivar roughly equals 23 August to 23 September, matching summer’s lunacy with fall’s frenzy, departing from the joy of leisure for … read more



Goli Taraghi [b. 1939]

The first chapter of Goli Taraghi’s Two Worlds, “The First Day”, begins with the narrator finding herself stunned and silent at a psychiatric hospital, stuck with “destroyed people” and their “aged hands”. Resisting to communicate with her doctor, nurses, and … read more



Hossein Sanapour Recommends His Favorites

Hossein Sanapour was born on March 20, 1960 in Tehran. A Natural Resources graduate from the University of Tehran, Sanapour started writing and publishing stories, film reviews, literary criticism and even some screenplays in early 1980s. He has been the … Editted: Sep 6, 2014



The Flight of a Very Old Man Born with Enormous Wings

The demise of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is more than a casual newspaper heading. It’s the death of a gigantic writer whose mighty pen and magic could win the hearts of almost all readers everywhere. Along with the rest of the … read more



A Translator’s Note: Hedayat, Translated / Hedayat, the Translator

“Bombay Rain” is from a collection of interrelated short stories whose protagonist and/or narrator is an Iranian living in India, bringing together elements of both cultures, places, languages, etc. The story is about the narrator and his friend wanting to … read more



Bombay Rain, Part II

Written by Payam Yazdanjoo | Translated by: Poupeh Missaghi | Edited by: Adam Seth | Header Photo by Matteo Vegetti (c) “Bombay Rain” was first published in Denver Quarterly, Vol 48, No3, 2014, and it is being republished here by permission of copyright … read more



Golshiri Awards on Pause

After 13 controversial rounds, the private-section Golshiri Award is stopped. The coordinators hope that by pausing the current system of annual award-granting, they can direct their limited budget towards improving the Golshiri Foundation’s website (here). In a public letter published … read more



The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sons

Our Rating: OVERVIEW Goli Taraghi (b. 1939 in Tehran) is an exilic Iranian writer living and working in France. Although her writings are frequently censored in her home country, they are widely circulated there and receive much attention form the … read more



Let Us Steal a Lease of Life

Raised in Post-War plenty, I could hear the chains of concentration camps rattling somewhere close by; but we children of the earnest fifties were soon etched by the permissions of 1965-1975; when these unwelcome hallucinations faded, so did many other … In Memory of Martin V. Turner