Seven is a Sacred Haven

Our beloved poet Saadi relates that once upon a time he had lost all his money and revenues and, perforce, had to wander barefooted around the town. He started complaining of the vicissitudes of life and how he felt broken … read more



Mirza Fathali Akhundzadeh and Iranian Drama

Despite the Persian poetry, the Persian drama did not root in the ancient history of Iran. With a modern background, the history of the Persian dramatic literature, in the western sense of the concept, went through ups and downs. However, … read more



Afra or the Day Passes: A Structuralist Reading (II)

Afra, or the Day Passes by Bahram Bayzayi (b. 1938), the prolific Iranian screenwriter, playwright and director, was published in 1998 but was only premiered in 2009. It turned to a very successful performance which was warmly welcomed by the … read more



The Flight of a Very Old Man Born with Enormous Wings

The demise of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is more than a casual newspaper heading. It’s the death of a gigantic writer whose mighty pen and magic could win the hearts of almost all readers everywhere. Along with the rest of the … read more



Mehdi Navid Recommends

Born in 1981 in Kermanshah and brought up in Tehran, Mehdi Navid is a writer, translator and editor best known for his translations of Beckett and Brautigan. Determined to embarked on a literary career at an early age, “I attended … read more



Parvin Etesami Awards

Acclaimed Iranian poetess, Parvin Etesesami, was born in Tabriz in 1907. Her first collection of poems was published in 1935 and she received the 3rd Degree Medal of Art and Culture in 1936. Etesami was one of the most prominent … read more