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The Afshar Literary Awards

September 6, 2021 0

The Afshar Literary Awards was founded in 1989 by Dr Mahmoud Afshar Yazdi Charitable Trust to commemorate the most eminent poets, writers, scholars and researchers […]

Dr Mehdi Forough [1911-2008]

July 6, 2021 0

Mehdi Forough, a renowned professor of Dramatic Literature in Iran and the founder of the College of Dramatic Arts, established in 1964 and dissolved in […]

Oh Mortal Month of May!

May 31, 2021 0

In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, May 2021 is marked by a huge cultural loss, as regrettably seven eminent and irreplaceable figures of culture, arts and literature of Iran passed away during this month

Mansour Owji [1937-2021]

May 11, 2021 0

BIO BRIEF Mansour Owji (November 30, 1937 – May 8, 2021) was a contemporary Iranian poet and writer. He was born in the Darb-e-Astane Seyyed […]


Founded in November 2013, Parsagon attempts to present a vista of the latest achievements of Persian literati and artists/writers of Iranian origin, as well as to serve as an authentic archive of books coming from Iran. The team’s activities are diverse:

  • Translating and localizing Persian literary texts,
  • Editing and consulting services to Persian writers whose work are found apt for translation,
  • Promotion of Persian literature and culture in the English-speaking world,
  • Completion of an online database of contemporary Iranian/Persian literary and cultural figures.

PARSAGON is an Iran-based private and non-partisan literary project.