On Mobility and More

After years of dreaming, months of contemplating and discussing and weeks of researching and writing, The Parsagon Review was launched in November 2013; a year ago. The Parsagoners have addressed different aspects of the contemporary Persian literature in the course … read more



Goli Taraghi [b. 1939]

The first chapter of Goli Taraghi’s Two Worlds, “The First Day”, begins with the narrator finding herself stunned and silent at a psychiatric hospital, stuck with “destroyed people” and their “aged hands”. Resisting to communicate with her doctor, nurses, and … read more



In the Library of Payman Fiuzat

Born in 1981 in Tehran, Payman Fiuzat started his studies as an electronics student at Azad University but then changed his major to English translation a while later, from which he graduated in 2006. An avid musician and pianist, Payman is currently a … read more



Kadkani, a Gem of Khorasan

There are not many literary scholars in the history of Persian literature who are also great poets; neither are there many poets who made it as great literary scholars. Mohammad Reza Shafi’i Kadkani (b. October 12, 1939), renowned poet and … read more



A Translator’s Note: Hedayat, Translated / Hedayat, the Translator

“Bombay Rain” is from a collection of interrelated short stories whose protagonist and/or narrator is an Iranian living in India, bringing together elements of both cultures, places, languages, etc. The story is about the narrator and his friend wanting to … read more



Bombay Rain, Part II

Written by Payam Yazdanjoo | Translated by: Poupeh Missaghi | Edited by: Adam Seth | Header Photo by Matteo Vegetti (c) “Bombay Rain” was first published in Denver Quarterly, Vol 48, No3, 2014, and it is being republished here by permission of copyright … read more



Golshiri Awards on Pause

After 13 controversial rounds, the private-section Golshiri Award is stopped. The coordinators hope that by pausing the current system of annual award-granting, they can direct their limited budget towards improving the Golshiri Foundation’s website (here). In a public letter published … read more



Let Us Steal a Lease of Life

Raised in Post-War plenty, I could hear the chains of concentration camps rattling somewhere close by; but we children of the earnest fifties were soon etched by the permissions of 1965-1975; when these unwelcome hallucinations faded, so did many other … In Memory of Martin V. Turner



May 2014 Networthy

I. The 13th Golshiri Award Wraps Up In Friday evening April 25, 2014, the concluding ceremony of Houshang Golshiri Literary Award was held, during which Goli Taraghi was lauded as special guest and superior contemporary story writer. Elaborating on the … read more