Time and the Parsagon Journey*

In the early snowfall of September in Calgary-my adopted home, and the short and windy autumn that ironically followed the snow, I imagined this moment. This day in November, that I knew I would be out of the country, sitting … read more



Gholamhossein Sa’edi (1936 – 1985)

We Iranians who had among us Sa’edi, the physician-dramatist that taught us how to anatomize social maladies both on the stage and on the screen, know what grace it is when art and science come together in an artist. We … read more



Bombay Rain, Part II

Written by Payam Yazdanjoo | Translated by: Poupeh Missaghi | Edited by: Adam Seth | Header Photo by Matteo Vegetti (c) “Bombay Rain” was first published in Denver Quarterly, Vol 48, No3, 2014, and it is being republished here by permission of copyright … read more



Kadkani, a Gem of Khorasan

There are not many literary scholars in the history of Persian literature who are also great poets; neither are there many poets who made it as great literary scholars. Mohammad Reza Shafi’i Kadkani (b. October 12, 1939), renowned poet and … read more


aida runs

Aida Runs over Behnam Naseh’s Bookshelves

Born in 1973 in Rasht, Behnam Naseh is a published writer, editor, and journalist. His debut novel Irandokht was the praiseworthy winner of the 16th IRI Book of the Season. Naseh also runs an online Persian petit magazine, Mandegar, whose … read more



A Translator’s Note: Hedayat, Translated / Hedayat, the Translator

“Bombay Rain” is from a collection of interrelated short stories whose protagonist and/or narrator is an Iranian living in India, bringing together elements of both cultures, places, languages, etc. The story is about the narrator and his friend wanting to … read more



10 Jan 2015

1. The New Generation of Persian Writers: Website launched January is the month of beginnings and a project that sets its beginning in January enjoys a double blessing. As stated in the website’s PERSPECTIVE , The New Generation of Persian … read more



Tehran Story Award

Tehran Story Award (or as Zibasazi has entitled it, Tehran’s Story Award) was founded in 2014 by TBO (Tehran Beautification Organization, dependnt of the Municipality of Tehran) in collaboration with Hamshhri Magazines Group. The main goal of the award is … 1st Edition



Let Us Steal a Lease of Life

Raised in Post-War plenty, I could hear the chains of concentration camps rattling somewhere close by; but we children of the earnest fifties were soon etched by the permissions of 1965-1975; when these unwelcome hallucinations faded, so did many other … In Memory of Martin V. Turner