Shams Langeroodi (b. 1950-)

Javaheri Gillani, Mohammad-Taghi (Langerood, 17 Nov. 1950 – ) (alias Shams Langeroodi).
Contemporary Iranian poet, author, university lecturer, literary historian, researcher and actor. He was born in a religious family, interested in literature. Later his father changed their last name to Shams. He completed his senior school in mathematics. The family background inspired him to pursue poetry wholeheartedly. His first published poem, influenced by the renowned contemporary poet Nader Naderpour, appeared in Omid-e Iran weekly magazine in 1967. Later he moved to Rasht to continue his higher education in economics. In Rasht and under the influence of Charles Pierre Baudelaire, he started to teach in high schools. After his graduation in 1975, he moved to Tehran and started to teach Persian Literature at Kharazmi Girls’ High School. But after a few months, he was fired for political reasons and returned to Rasht.

His debut collection of poetry, entitled as “The Behavior of Thirst”, was published in 1976 at his own expense. This book was written under the influence of Ahmad Shamlou. Three years later, he got married to Farzaneh Davari, and in the same year, he was fired again from his workplace, Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Center.
Shams Langeroodi’s fame flourished during the 80’s after the publication of a number of poetry collections: “Ash and Lady”, “Invisible Celebration,” and “The Ode of a Fissured Smile”. After a decade of silence, he returned with the publication of “Notes for the Wooden Nightingale,” followed by a series of poetry collections, including: “Fifty-three Love Songs”, “Drawing your Hands”, “Night is a Public Mask”, and “Twenty-two Elegies in July,” in which his used of surreal imagery got established and his strong tendency towards Postmodernism in tone and syntax was revealed.

Since 2010 Shams Langeroodi has started a new acting career, beginning with his acting as a poet in Flamingo No. 13 (directed by Hamidreza Aligholian), and then in Five to Five (directed by Tara Otadi) and Risk of Acid Rain (directed by Behtash Sanayiha). In 2018, he appeared in Reza Fahimi’s film, Life Again.

Literary Style
He was initially influenced by the language and vision of Fereydoon Tavallali, Fereydoon Moshiri, and more importantly, Nader Naderpour. His political activities and the conditions of society made him inclined to the poetry of Siavash Kasraei and Ahmad Shamlou. After writing “The Ode of the Fissured Smile”, he turned to simplicity and fluency of the spoken language by distancing himself from his inspiring predecessors. Simplicity, stenography, humor, everyday life, love and nature are the main elements of his poetry.

Biblio Brief

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Research works
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• Hearing from Others, Telling from Oneself (گفت خود از و شنیدن دیگران از) ,(Not yet published)
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Children’s Story
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