The Cheese Forest

  • Author: Fereshteh Ahmadi
  • Publisher: Qoqnoos
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Available in other languages: No

To discover the real cause of her father’s death, a girl embarks on a journey back to her hometown where she had been raised. During the journey she retells her memories of the town and its inhabitants, mostly mine workers, and realizes that hometown life has a deep and lasting effect on its inhabitants by turning them into cold, intrinsic, misanthropic or perhaps heartless persons. The next chapters trace the girl’s life in Tehran, who is now a passionate young and energetic figure by appearance, but there is still a bitter coldness in her manners.

Before the journey, the girl visits a dervish to gain mental peace and balance. The journey unlocks the mystery of his father’s job and why he was killed.

The following chapters respectively portray the main character’s life on travel and in Tehran, her mind usually engaged with the question whether she needs to see the dervish again. In the last chapter we find her in train travelling again, while in a former chapter she was portrayed on the same train returning home. In a surreal scene the two trains pass each other on the railway and the girl can see herself sitting in the other train, at the threshold of a new beginning.

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