10 Jan 2015

1. The New Generation of Persian Writers: Website launched

January is the month of beginnings and a project that sets its beginning in January enjoys a double blessing. As stated in the website’s PERSPECTIVE , The New Generation of Persian Writers seeks to promote the voice of today’s Persian Literature in the world by offering support for the under-forty writers writing in Persian. Let us wish them success.


2. Indonesians can read His Ego now

Reza Amirkhani’s best-selling novel, His Ego, has been translated to Indonesian, to add up to the literary translations supported and ordered by the Iranian Cutural Attache abroad. Dr Bastian Zolino, professor of Persian Literature at the University of Indonesia (UI) translated this novel within four months and in 600 pages, he says.


3. British-Iranian Literary Award Underway

Candle & Fog, a British-Iranian publishing house that publishes translations of Persian works, plans to honor translators of Iranian works to other languages, Tehran Times reports.

 A jury composed of five non-Iranian professors from the University of Sydney, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the University of Rochester will judge the works submitted to The Candle & Fog World Literary Award, Afshin Shahnetabar said. Candle & Fog has published foreign translations of many Persian books over the past decade.

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