20 Jan 2015

Moshfeq Kashani Dies While Performing His Last Poem

The Iranian poet Moshfeq Kashani, who is considered one of the restorers of Persian classical poetry, passed away due to heart failure while reading a poem during a session in Tehran on Sunday evening. He was 89. The session was organized by the Iranian Poets’ Society to celebrate the 54th birthday of poet Soheil Mahmudi, reports Tehran Times.

Born as Abbas Kaymanesh in the central Iranian city of Kashan, he began writing under the penname Moshfeq Kashani. He composed over ten collections of poems and books, including “Ballade of Life”, “Memoires”, “Wine of Sun”, “Lightening”, “The Mirror of Imagination”, “The Red Spring of Ballade” and “The Mystery of Winter”.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had commemorated Moshfeq Kashani for his lifetime achievements during a ceremony in August 2013.

‘History of Persian Literature’ published in Istanbul

A book, covering an imperative epoch of the history of Persian literature, has been published in Turkish language in Istanbul, Press TV reports. The book entitled The History of Persian Literature from Early Times to Ghaznavid Era is authored by Mehmet Atalay, a professor of Persian literature at University of Istanbul.

The first chapter of the book scrutinizes the history of literature in pre-Islamic era in Iran. It takes a literary journey from the Medes, Persians, and Achaemenid Empire to Alexandrian era, Seleucid and Parthian Empire.

In its second chapter, the book reviews the evolution of the Persian literature in post-Islamic era, which led to its ultimate parade during Tahirid and Safavid dynasties, and, particularly, Samanid Empire, which was the birthplace of Rudaki, the father of modern Persian poetry.

Sponsored by Iran’s cultural attaché in Istanbul, Atalay’s 280-page literary book is published and distributed by Damavand Publication in Istanbul.


David Damrosch to Lecture on Comprative Literature in Tehran

According to IBNA, David Damrosch, the writer of the book ‘What is World Literature?’ who is the most outstanding theorist on comparative literature in the world today, is coming to participate and give a lecture in Comparative Literature Meeting in Tehran which is due to be held on February 16 & 17, 2015.

He added: “Comparative Literature Meeting is sponsored by the College of Foreign Languages of Tehran University where Damrosch will deliver a lecture. He is then scheduled to leave for Shiraz to give a speech on comparative literature at Shiraz University. No specific date is yet fixed for his lecture at Shiraz University.”

David Damrosch’s most significant book in which all his theories are discussed, and could in a sense be considered the outcome of his lifelong studies, is titled ‘What is World Literature?’ which has first been published in 1974 in the U.S., soon followed by translations into 12 modern languages of the world.


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