Sadeq Hedayat Literary Awards

Sadeq Hedayat Literary Awards was initiated in 2003 in honor of the 100th birthday of the great writer of The Bind Owl and since then it has been awarded to the Best Persian Short Stories.

On Monday, 17th Feb, 2003 (28th Bahman 1381), on the occasion of Sadeq Hedayat’s 100th birthday, a ceremony was held in the Iranian Artists’ Forum during which the awards of Literary Competition of Sadeq Hedayat were dedicated to the winners.

During the ceremony Jahangir Hedayat remarked that 100 years ago on a day like today a child was born in Hedayat Gholi Khan’s house on Kooshk Street. His grandfather named him Sadeq – he became eminent in the last 100 years and will potentially continue to be. Then Jahangir Hedayat invited Mahmoud Dowlatabadi to inaugurate the ceremony. Dowlatabadi praised Hedayat as their teacher, and believed that although there have been a large amount of criticism and analyses on his works but there are still points to be covered. Hedayat was a phenomenon. Although his personality and works now belong to history, he has started a new calendar and history with his works. He is a collection of contradictions.

The annual Sadeq Hedayat Literary Award is organized and sponsored by the Hedayat Office and the Sokhan Website. Jahangir Hedayat, the nephew of Sadeq Hedayat, as the head of the Hedayat Office in Tehran, has made an enormous contribution to promoting Sadeq Hedayat’s work, both inside and outside Iran. He has personally helped many scholars around the world, in person or via correspondence, with his great knowledge and library of Sadeq Hedayat’s literary works.

The competition for the award is now very well known and very well respected. The aim of this award is to encourage young writers to write and to have the chance to take part in a respected literary contest.

The competition is for all Persian-speaking people. So writers of Persian from other countries such as Tajikistan and Afghanistan can take part in the competition as well. A writer can submit one unpublished short story which should be no less than 1,000 or more than 4,000 words. The story must not have been published in any book, journal or internet site or have been submitted for another award.

1st Edition – 2003 [1381]

  • “The Frozen Dnieper” : Shiva Karimi (Sadeq Hedayat Statuette)
  • “Now What Will Happen” : Amirreza Bigdeli  (Sadeq Hedayat Statuette)
  • “Nazbanou” : Nushin Gharib Doust (Sadeq Hedayat Statuette)
  • “The one who is not similar to you”: Natasha Amiri (Letter of Honor)
  • “I am the Omniscient Narrator”: Mostafa Mastoor (Letter of Honor)
  • “The Neighbor”: Amirhossein Khorshidfar (Letter of Honor)

2nd Edition – 2004 [1382]

  •  Alireza Deifodeeni (Statue of Hedayat for Literary Criticism)
  • Behnaz Alipour Gaskari (Statue of Hedayat for Literary Criticism)
  • Mojgan Khalili (Letter of Honor for Best Book Analysis)
  • Sahand Aghayi (Letter of Honor for Best Book Analysis)
  • Fereshteh Ahmadi (Letter of Honor for Best Book Review)
  • Mehdi Atef Rad (Letter of Honor for Best Book Review)
  • “Top Top Khamir”: Marzieh Stoudeh (Hedayat Statuette for Best Short Story)
  • “A Room, A Fancy”: Sudabeh Ashrafi (Hedayat Statuette for Best Short Story)
  • “In an Island in the Heart of Large Tehran”: Maryam Raisdana (Hedayat Statuette for Best Short Story)
  • “Heidar”: Dorsadaf Soleimani (Letter of Honor)
  • “The Fossil”: Azardokht Bahrami (Letter of Honor)
  • “The Bridge”: Mohammad Reza Shadegar (Letter of Honor)

3rd Edition – 2005 [1383]

  • “Traffic”: Amir Tajedeen Riazi (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “If it rained again”: Homeira Ghaderi (Letter of Honor)
  • “Human Being”: Hassan Salmai (Letter of Honor)
  • “A few pages of harmless story”: Afsaneh Noori (Letter of Honor)

4th Edition – 2006 [1384]

  • “Startgah”: Khalil Rashnavi (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “In simple words…You’ll die”: Hossein Yaghubi (Letter of Honor)
  • “Eliminating external errors from problematic images”: Mehdi Bataghva (Letter of Honor)
  • “Wind and White Poplar”: Javad Pouyan (Letter of Honor)
  • “Fidel”: Hamed Habibi (Letter of Honor)

5th Edition – 2007 [1385]

  • “The Corps-washer”: Nasrin Madani (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “The Stranger”: Araz Barseghian (Letter of Honor)
  • “Temptation of all the woods”: Marzieh Jokar (Letter of Honor)

6th Edition – 2008 [1386]

  • “The Doomed”: Shiva Ramezani (Letter of Honor)
  • “The Empty Cups”: Faezeh Farhoumand Tehrani (Letter of Honor)
  • “Mr Cesar is Sad”: Emilia Nazari (Letter of Honor)

7th Edition – 2009 [1387]

  • “Corps burial jobs”: Gholamhossein Dehghan (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “Aged”: Narges Roustami (Letter of Honor)
  • “Pain”: Shahla Shahabian (Letter of Honor)
  • “Identification Unknown”: Mohammad Mehdi Ebrahimi (Letter of Honor)

8th Edition – 2010 [1388]

  • “The Woman on the pavement of the street”: Mehdi Fatehi (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “Woman in the wall Cabinet”: Leila Barzegar (Letter of Honor)
  • “Labyrinth”: Mona Fooladi Nasab (Letter of Honor)
  • “The cols of summer”: Ameneh Sanei Nia (Letter of Honor)

9th Edition – 2011 [1389]

  • “Asalouyeh” : Kamelia Kaki (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “Rendezvous”: Parvin Fadavi (Letter of Honor)
  • “The Road Maintenance House”: Kourosh Rashno (Letter of Honor)
  • “The City of Angels”: Ali Payband Jahromi (Letter of Honor)

10th Edition – 2012 [1390]

  • “The Curve of the Relation”: Hamzeh Barmar (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “I Just Wanted a Cup of Coffee”: Aram Ravanshad (Letter of Honor)
  • “I’m Still Awake” : Maryam Ilkhan (Letter of Honor)
  • “Bear in the Bosom of the Tree” : Mojtaba Moghaddam (Letter of Honor)

11th Edition – 2013 [1391]

  • “Schizo” (اسكيزو) : Peyman Boroumand (Hedayat Statuette)
  • “Of The Night It Was” (از شبي كه بود): Behrang Bagha’ei
  • “Fratricide” (برادركشي): Mohammad-Amin Parsi
  • “The Death of the OmniscientNarrator (مرگ داناي كل): Faramarz Pournorouz

12th Edition – 2014 [1392]

  • “Flip” (تلنگر) : Mehdi Mostafavi Kashani (Hedayat Statuette)
  •  “Disposable half-full Glass” (لیوان یک‌بار مصرف نيمه‌‌پر) : Bahareh Arshad Riahi (Letter of Honor)
  •  “Houses” (خانه‌ها) : Hossein Younesi (Letter of Honor)
  • “Shaker” (شيكر) : Arash Dabestani (Letter of Honor)


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