Noofe Speculative Novel Awards

According to the Awards’ website, Noofe Speculative Novel Awards was founded in Winter 2019 sponsored by Peydayesh Books to promote Persian speculative fiction and support Iranian writers of the genre. Peydayesh Books is a renowned children’s publisher that has pioneered in publishing speculative fiction for children and young adults. 


The first edition of this award, held in February 2019, had announced a shortlist of five works:

  1. “Ma Va Ra” written by Mohammadreza Eidarm;
  2. “Pine-toxication” (Kajzadegi) written by Zoha Kazemi;
  3. “Service by Damascene Monster-Generator Machine” by Behzad Ghadimi;  
  4. “Coffin-less” (Bi Tabout) by Laleh Zare’;
  5. And “Sourmesara” by Rambod Khanlari;

Out of which Mohammadreza Eidarm won the Golden Dragonfly Medal for Best Speculative Novel of the year.


The second edition of the Noofe Award’s closing ceremony had to be held online due to the Covid 19 epidemic in Iran on Thursday March 12, 2020.

The second edition’s shortlist included:

  1. “Rain Born” (Baranzad) by Zoha Kazemi – Tandis Books;
  2. “Blood Drunk” (Khoon Khordeh) by Mehdi Yazdani Khorram – Cheshmeh Pub;
  3. “Fug-bound” (Mehalood) by Alista Aghaei – Baj Books;
  4. “The Rain Hour” by Hadi Moayerinezhad – Nimaj Books;
  5. And “The Second Yefren” by Farhad Azarnava – Peydayesh Books.

Out of which Zoha Kazemi became the finalist for the best Speculative Novel for Adults.

Finalist Zoha Kazemi

Also, Siamak Golshiri was awarded the Golden Dragonfly Medal for the Best Speculative Book for Young Readers and other works were also awarded as noteworthy publications for children.


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