Obituary: Prof. Akbar Alemi [1945-2020]

Dr Akbar Alami, Iranian university professor, TV presenter, film critic, and director died of the coronavirus on Tuesday, October 13, at the age of 77. An intrepid filmmaker that he was, the veteran documentarian was making a documentary about the pandemics in a hospital in Tehran two days before he was hospitalized in early October.

Alemi was born in 1945 in the southern city of Ahvaz to a veterinary physician of Damqani origin who was often on the road, and graduated from the Faculty of Cinema and Theater of Tehran University of Arts. Holding a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from the United Kingdom, Alemi nurtured young generations of filmmakers and critics. He was a member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature from 2000 to 2007, and had also received a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to photography and cinema in 2015.

He will be remembered with his memorable documentaries on the Persian Gulf and various industries of Iran, and the books he authored: The Comprehensive Dictionary of Animation in Persian, and Cinematic Visual Effects.

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