R.I.P. Farrokh Ghaffari (1921 – 2006)

Today (December 17) is marked with the death anniversary of Iranian film director, actor, critic and author Farrokh Ghaffari. Ghaffari was a significant character in the history of Iranian cinema: along with Ebrahim Golestan and Fereydoun Rahnama he founded  Iran’s New Wave film movement. He was also the founder of the first National Iranian Film Society in 1949 at the Iran Bastan Museum and organizer of the first Film Week during which English films were exhibited.

Ghaffari belonged to the mighty clan of Ghaffaris in Iran most of which successfully climbed the ladder of sociopolitical and cultural success, thanks to their social class and wealth. You can find an interesting website devoted to renowned Ghaffaris in the past 1400 years of Persian history here; and an archive of his most known films at IMDB. Accordign to that site, Kamal-al-Molk, Sani-ol-Molk Ghaffari, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Farrokh Ghaffari are related by blood! You can also find an archive of Ghaffari’s articles and writings here. He was the husband of renowned Iranian writer and translator Mahshid Amirshahi.

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