Parvin Etesami Awards

Acclaimed Iranian poetess, Parvin Etesesami, was born in Tabriz in 1907. Her first collection of poems was published in 1935 and she received the 3rd Degree Medal of Art and Culture in 1936. Etesami was one of the most prominent Persian poets of the 20th century. Parvin’s collection of poetry consists of 238 pieces. Her poetry mostly envisions social themes observed with a critical view. Many of Parvin’s poems form between objects, animals and plants. The theme of her poems often involves validating time and opportunities, moral exhortations, criticism of tyranny imposed on the oppressed and the volatility of the world. Parvin uses the style of the previous great poets.

The Parvin Literary Award is basically a state-financed award that is set up to encourage more female writers. This award is held every two years. The first edition of Parvin Etesami Literary Award was held in 2004 by the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Since 2006 the award has been held biennially on March 15, Parvin’s birthday anniversary.


First Edition Winners (2004)

  • Adult Literature: Mansureh Sharifzadeh for the novel “Dalti Platanus”
  • Adult Poetry: Fereshteh Sari, Naghmeh Rezayi for the book “Cry”
  • Research: Roya Sadr for “20 Years With Satire”, Narjes Afshari
  • Children’s Literature: Fariba Kalhor, Forouzandeh Khodaju, Sousan Taghdis, Afsaneh Shabannejad, Erfan Nazarahari

Second Edition Winners (2006)

  • Translation: Muggeh Razani for translating Amelie Nothomb’s Fear and Trembling
  • Research: The Grief of the Red Rose by Katayoun Mazdapur |Imam Hussein (AS) in Contemporary Arabic Poetry by Ensieh Khazali
  • Thesis: Review of Editing and Writing in Persian by Atuma Farahi
  • Children’s Literature:The Eleventh Step by Sussan Taqdis | Two Teeny Weenies by Zohreh Parirokh | One Painting by Akram Qassempur.
  • Young Adults’ Fiction: “The One Who Brushed My Hair” by Mojgan Kalhor, “The Family of Mr. Charkheshi” by Tahereh Ibad, and “Which Photo of My Dad?” by Ozra Jozdani

Third Edition Winners (2008)

  •  Free Verse: “In Time of Alborz”: Mehrnush Qorbanali
  • Traditional Poetry: “Piano”: Maryam Jafari-Zamani
  • Poetry Translation: “A Selection of Iran’s Contemporary Poetry”: Fariba Gorgin
  • Drama: Robert Bolt’s play “A Man for All Seasons”, translated by Farzaneh Taheri
  • Fiction: “Last Chapter” : Gita Garakani
  • Literary Thesis: “Modernism and Postmodernism in Persian Contemporary Fiction”: Mansureh
  • Children’s Poetry: “Tinseled Shoes”: Shokuh Qasemnia and “Oh, Bell, Oh Bell”: Afsaneh Shaban-Nejad
  • Children’s Fiction: “365 Stories for the Year”: Mojgan Sheikhi
  • Young Adults’ Poetry: “Your Star Was Lost”: Kobra Babaii and “I Miss You” :Atusa Salehi
  • Young Adult’s Fiction: “Little Lady”: Soheila Alavizadeh
  • Translation of Children’s Books: “A life, to …” by author Marie-Sabine Roger, translated by Nilufar Baqerzadeh Akbari
  • Translation of Young Adultsگ Books: One story by Sharon Creech translated by Keivan Obeidi Ashtiani Tadayoni

Fourth Edition Winners (2010)

  • Traditional poetry (compilation): Jointly two works entitled “Hala to”(Now you) composed by Fariba Yousefi and “Shayad mara dobareh be khater biavari”(You may remember me again) by Mojhgan Abbaslou were chosen.
  • Modern poetry (compilation): Jointly two works named “Sib Hawa”(Eve’s apple) by Soudabeh Amini and “Khaterat bita’vil”(Uninterpretable memories) by Sharareh Kamrani
  • Poetry (translation): In the Mirror of the Stream composed by Mohammad Reza Shafiee-Kadkani and translated into English by Pari Azarm Motamedi.
  • Literary research and criticism (compilation): “Manual of Saadi” by Zohreh Zarshenas
  • Literary research and criticism (translation): The Dialogic Imagination by Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin, translated into Persian by Roya Pourazar
  • Thesis: Analyzing and Comparing the Distinguished Ashura Poems in Persian and Arabic” by Narges Ansari
  • Children’s poetry (compilation): Jointly three works were chosen; “Sefid siah rah rah”(Black white strips) by Shokouh Qasem-nia, a poetry collection by Banafsheh Rasoulian Boroujeni and “Gonjeshk par… Jourab par” by Maryam Hashem Pour.
  • Young adults poetry (compilation): Jointly two books entitled “Man adam ahani shodam”(I became an iron man) by Cobra Babaee and “Beresad be dast to ey padeshah jahan) by Mahdieh Nazari.
  • Children’s fiction (compilation): Jointly two books, “Khanoom Gholeh be Aroosi Miravad”(Miss Giant Goes to a Wedding) by Sorror Katbi and “Adieu, vieux raton laveur”(Goodbye Old Raccoon) by Claire Jobert.
  • Children’s fiction (translation): Jointly two books: Yellow and Pink by William Steig and Le avventure di Cipollino (Adventures of Cipollino) by Gianni Rodari, translated by Marzieh Shojaee dindarlou.
  • Young adult’s fiction (compilation): Ta’m talkh khorma (The Bitter Date) by Mahnaz Fatahi
  • Young adult’s fiction (translation): Jointly two books were chosen: ‎”Heaven eyes” by David Almond, translated by Nasrin Vakili and a collection of Malihe Mohammadi’s translations of “Silverwing”, “Sunwing” and “Firewing” by Kenneth Oppel.

Fifth Edition Winners (2012)

  •  ” The Republic of Sonnets ” (جمهوري غزل): Fatemeh Mousavi and ” Fiery Crayon Writings ” (آتش‌نوشته‌هاي مدادشمعي‌) by Raheleh Memarian
  • Compilation: ‘Shahrivar of the Year a Thousand and Three Hundred and I Don’t Know What” (شهريور هزار و سيصد و نمي‌دانم چند):Tala Nejadhasan
  • “My Mother’s Dream ” by Alice Monroe translated by Traneh Alidousti
  • Compilation: “Girls from the Gardens of Carpet” compiled by Hengameh Mofid
  • Translation: Frederick ou Le Boulevard du Crime (فردريك يا تئاتر بلوار) by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, translated by Shahla Haeri.
  • Research Compilation: :Theory and Critique of Post-Colonialism”: Azadeh Shahmiri
  • Correction: Mahak Khosravi compiled by Mirza Khosro baig Gorji and corrected by Faezeh Zahra Mirza
  • Literary Thesis: “Literary Analysis of Shahnameh Graphics” compiled by Fatemeh Mahvan
  • Children’s Poetry: Just an ice-cream Cone (فقط يك بستني قيفي): Elham Hosseini Zaveh as well as “Miu Miu thank you” (ميو ميو تشكر): Maryam Hashem pour
  • Adult Poetry: -Compilation: “The Flower Office Is Now Open”: Maryam Zandi, “Go Forward and Hoot” (برو جلو بوق نزن): Fatemeh Kavandi
  • Children Fiction: Orange Books Collection: Fariba Kalhor, Forouzandeh Khodajou and Sorour Katbi
  • Adult Story:Compilation: The Return of Hardad by Fariba Kalhor
  • Children and Adult Translation Fiction: Corazón Negro by Cornelia Funke, translated by Katayoun Soltani

 Sixth Edition Winners (June 2015)

  • Adult Fiction: “A Thousand Knots” (هزار گره) by Maryam Ferdowsi
  • Adult Poetry: “More Fluid Than Venice” (جاری تر از ونیز) by Pouneh Nikoei and “Speakable Silence” (سکوت گفتنی) by Soudabeh Mohayeji
  • Children’s: “Better than Free Chocolate” by Soudabeh Farzipour, “Me, Ajeeb and Ghareeb” by Forouzandeh Khodaju, “Both Newspaper And Cookies” by Maryam Hashempour.
  • Translation: Pascal Mercier‘s ‘Night Train to Lisbon’ translated by Mahshid Mirmoezzi (Ofoq) and “Farewell My Queen” translated by Saeideh Bogheiri (Alborz)
  • Research: “The Movement of Theater Towards Poetry” by Talayeh Royayi (Qatreh), “Critical Stylicism” by Maryam Dorpor (Elm), and “The Functino of Ambiguity in the Readinf Process” by Forough Sahba.
  • Drama: Haleh Moshtaghinia’s play “Ingrid Berman Smelling of Qormeh Sabzi”


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