That Cozy Corner on the Left

That Cozy Corner on the Left
Published: 2007

That Cozy Corner on the Left is a collection of short stories by Mehdi Rabbi . The stories encompass the modern Iranian society. Loneliness, loving, being loved, reaching personal and practical solutions, the need to be noticed, thinking about others, looking for ways to communicate with people, linking the two worlds of fantasy and reality are themes that recur throughout this book. The main character in the first story, which also gives its name to the collection, is a healthy, lively, single young man who runs ten kilometres through the streets every night. He has been running along the same route every night for the last ten years. While running he keeps thinking, dreaming and talking to himself so that he can, somehow, get on with his life. The fluid language, intrepid storytelling, and respect for the highest artistic standards of the short story have made this collection successful in Iran.



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