Tehran Story Award

Tehran Story Award (or as Zibasazi has entitled it, Tehran’s Story Award) was founded in 2014 by TBO (Tehran Beautification Organization, dependnt of the Municipality of Tehran) in collaboration with Hamshhri Magazines Group.

The main goal of the award is to laud the stories consciously written about urban spaces of Tehran. The founders hope this opportunity would help the stories of Tehran to be retold and to encourage the creation of more urban stories, with Tehran as their main character. Tehran as a modern city is a rather recent phenomenon in the history of Iranian civilization. As Tehran did not have a significant role in the ancient stories, the founders believe, this event will help to show its importance for the rest of history.

The participant stories, each reflecting one aspect or more of Tehran’s geography, climate, historical places, cultural and athletic aspects, public transport system, etc. compete for the first, second, and third positions and $1000 to $ 3000 cash award.

First Edition (2014)

The first edition of Tehran Story Award, held on Dec 24, 2014, commemorated veteran writer Ghasem Hasheminejad, the prioneer of detective fiction in Persian with his breakthrough novel Elephant in the Dark (1980). The book is also outstanding in its precise portrait of Tehran as cradle to all events of the story.

The Editor of Hamshahri, Mina Farshid Nik, has been the editor of the first edition and the reviewers were Ali Khodaee, Davoud Ghaffarzadegan, Belgheis Soleimani, Mojde Haqiqi and Mohammad Keshavarz.


  1. First position:  Nasrin Mar’ashi for “River”
  2. Second position: Arash Sadeqbeigi for “Summer Rain”
  3. Third position: Aeen Norouzi for “Social Melody”

Praiseworthy Writers:

Aidin Ebrahimpour Ziaei, Mohammad-Milad Ahmadi, Mojdeh Olfat, Sina Dadkhah, Mo’in Farrokhi, Roudabeh Kamali, Sara Kan’ani, Rozita Nosrati, Nafiseh Nasiran, Bardia Yadegari, Mehdi Rabbi, & Nazanin Joudat


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