Fariba Vafi nominated for LiBeratur Prize

Iranian author Fariba Vafi has been nominated for the LiBeratur Prize, a literary honor that is presented by the Litprom Association in Frankfurt.

She received the nomination for her second novel “Tarlan”, which has been translated into the German language by Jutta Himmelreich, the organizers announced.

Published by Sujet Publications in Germany in 2015, the book tells the story of a young girl, Tarlan, who dreams of becoming a writer but she chooses to go to the Police Academy.

LiBeratur Prize is awarded annually to inform about literary developments and trends in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Australia-based Iranian writer Granaz Musavi has also been nominated for the prize for her book “Songs of a Forbidden Woman”. Also among the nominees are writers from Korea, Kenya, Lebanon, India Singapore, Haiti and Swaziland.

The online voting to recognize the winner this year will continue until Wednesday on the official website of the Litprom Association.

The winner will receive 3000 Euros and an invitation to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Source: Tehran Times

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