Aida Runs over Behnam Naseh’s Bookshelves


Born in 1973 in Rasht, Behnam Naseh is a published writer, editor, and journalist. His debut novel Irandokht was the praiseworthy winner of the 16th IRI Book of the Season.

Naseh also runs an online Persian petit magazine, Mandegar, whose 130th issue has just been released. Five years ago, Naseh founded his Mandegar Debut Novel Contest, which awards each year round the top three finalists an honorary note and the novel’s publication – a safe start for novice writers.

In a note specifically written for The Parsagon Review, Naseh elaborates on seven works of Contemporary Persian Literature that he finds worthy of translation to other languages.


  1. My Uncle Napoleon – Iraj Pezeshkzad (1970)

I recommend the novel because of the strong story, classic and cohesive structure, sociopolitical themes and a good blend with Iranian culture

2. Her Eyes – Bozorg Alavi (1979)

An attractive story with proportionate suspence, and strong characterization

3. The Trench and the Empty Canteens – Bahram Sadeqi (1970)

An innovative short story collection some of which hold universal literary values – an audacious writer with linguistic disengagement that make him an outstanding literary figure.

 4. Through Glass, Through Fog – Ali Khodaei (1991)

Short story collection with polished language and a unique point of view

5. The Leopards who have Run with Me – Bijan Najdi (1994)

A collection of stories with a poetic perspective and polished language

6. My Dear Husband – Fariba Kalhor (2012)

The novel accounts a significant decade of history in the lives of ordinary people: the vissisitudes of a revolutionary society in the 1980’s portrayed without prevalent dogmas, meanwhile with an astute precision in storytelling.

7. Aida Runs – Somayeh Farahmandian (2013)

Debut novel by a novice young writer that won the Mandegar Literary Award. Her audaciousness doubled by truthfulness has resulted in a superb narrative that in some aspects could be comparable to Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.


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