France continues commemorating Mahsati Ganjavi

An exhibition and a concert devoted to the 900th jubilee of Mahsati Ganjavi took place in Melouse, France on December 10, writes Azer News.

“A number of cultural events were recently held as part of the 900th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s first poetess and chess player with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in France. Concert host Allen Tremolier mentioned that Azerbaijan had produced geniuses in the world of literature and music, saying women were granted the right to vote, and the first theatre, opera, ballet, and national academy in the Muslim Orient were “created in Azerbaijan.

“Great French poet Alexander Duma’s (the father) trip to Azerbaijan in the second half of the 19th century, translation by George Sand of famous “Koroghlu” epic poem into French, publication of the collection “The Caucasus” at the beginning of the 19th century in Paris, Azerbaijani writer Umbulbanu Asadullayeva’s living and writing in France, and, finally, the meeting of Charles de-Gaulle, who has played a significant part in the public and political life of France, with French hero Ahmadiyya Jabrayilov are bright examples of the friendship between our peoples,” Tremolier said.

It is a heartwarming news to see that the 900th anniversary of Mahsati Ganjavi is being commemorated somewhere by governmental supports of Azerbaijan and France. To the acnowledgment of Azeri people, Mahsati mainly wrote in Persian (Farsi) in a time that Sharvanshahan was a part of the land of Iran, and Mahsati, very much like Nezami Ganjavi is now possessed by the Azerbaijanis as an Azeri poet:

Although 900 years have passed since the time when ideas and thoughts were given in the poetess’s works, they still keep their relevance, he said. In order to introduce the poetess better to the world, her works were written into Farsi and Arabic and published in foreign languages by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Amirbeyov underlined that exhibits related to the poetess’s period of life were demonstrated at the exhibitions organized in Paris, Reims, and Melouse. The exhibition in Melouse will continue till December 20.

Mahsati Ganjavi is considered a bright representative of the Muslim Orient. She was a leading poetess in her time and wrote manifestly sexual poems in the tradition of Shahrashub.

We feel happy that in the mighty hands of the Azebaijanis this precious poetess is no longer forlorn and is read and known to the world.

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