Homage to the Singer of Naseria

Today (December 20) coincides with the seventh death anniversary of Iranian Pop Star Naser Abdollahi who, despite his brief twinkle in the arena of Iranian Pop Music, was loved and praised by the young generation.

Naser was born on December 31, 1970 to a retired worker and a housewife in the Southern city of Bandar Abbas and started music at 13 and with Hozeh Honari of Hormozgan Province. But it was in 1995 that he pursued music as his career and reached peerless fame with his early albums “Humid Scent” and “Eve’s Air,” especially with his Naseria song.

Just before he could celebrate the first decade of his artistic achievements and take the next step, Naser Abdollahi passed away on December 20, 2006 in Bandar Abbas, having struggled with life and death for 27 days in coma, at age 36.  Unproved rumors say he was actually hit on the head and that his death was suspicious enough, following his conversion to Shiism, divorce, and and serious clan quarrels.

Abdollahi had a distinct voice and often sang Mohammad-Ali Bahmani’s lyrics. Because of the introduction of Arabic rhythms and the Spanish style to his vernacular Bandari songs, he is known as the Gipsy King of Iran. May he rest in peace.

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