• Author: Amirhossein Yazdanbod
  • Publisher: Ofoq; 2012
  • Available in other languages: No

Stutter begins with the writer’s confession – that he has not written the story of “Janavar”. It has actually been written by Aidin. Searching for the actual writer, he discovers white papers among the notes ascribed to the real writer, whence he embarks on a journey in search of the identity and concerns of the real writer who had once been a doctor in Tehran but has just passed away, leaving a mysterious testimony behind…

The second chapter traces the life and death of Mehrdad Naseri, Aidin’s son, and his last words with Mani, now an American citizen. As the writer, incapable of digesting the events and their relationship to each other, tries to set free of the discovered notes, a new sign is decoded, calling him to a second journey to Afghanistan, Bagram. By consequence, the writer is invited to a literary conference in Kabul and all the conditions for this mysterious journey are surprisingly met. He travels to Afghanistan, but that is just the beginning of a whirlwind of events opening up to him one after another. Stutter has been the finalist of Bushehr Literary Award and the nominee of Wow Literary Award.

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