The Baron’s Melancholy Blues

  • Author: Asghar Abdollahi
  • Publisher: Nilla; 2002
  • Available in other languages: No

Asghar Abdollahi’s story revolves around the character of a young man working as a confectionery’s page who is going to play a short role in a melodrama named ‘The Lovesick,’ an adaptation of an Anton Chekhov play. The boy, who is adoring the main female character Mah Jahan Khanom, is given a very brief role. He has to recite his only dialogue in company of the main male character Shazdeh Ghanbarpour. The play is premiered on 21st September, 1941, the night when Iran’s blue sky is darkened by flying airplanes. The stage lights are turned off; Iran is officially occupied, and the boy never manages to utter his only dialogue. The story is one of the best and deepest accounts of Iran’s history woven in love’s cocoon.

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